Animation Today

– Brunch with Authors

7th March - 6th May 2020.

Within the exhibition “From Imagination to Animation – 60 Years of Zagreb School of Animated Films”, and in cooperation with Museum of Contemporary Art - Zagreb, we schedule meetings with authors, theoreticians, and producers of contemporary Croatian animated films to take place each Saturday noon in the period between 7th March and 6th May 2020.

We invite you to participate in the dialogue and explore various faces of artistic animation, its contemporary trends and the methods it employs, the production and educational challenges it faces, and to take a peek into numerous forms of cooperation this complex art expression has to offer.

Event Schedule


MSU ZAGREB / 7th March - 6th May 2020.

Theme & Guests

Darko Masnec & Petra Zlonoga

Animation in the Context of Multimedia and Video Games

How animated film influences video games, or if video games influence film, and how popular aesthetics penetrates high art and vice versa, will be revealed by Darko Masnec in a conversation with animator Petra Zlonoga.
This versatile artist and a video-game programmer works currently as a docent at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He is the author of the animated film “I Already Know What I Hear”, which has won multiple awards, has worked as an animator in many short film projects, and has published several articles and lectures on the topic of animation and video games. In the gallery context, he is mostly focused on conceptual art practices.

7th March/ 12 PM

Darko Masnec Animacija u kontekstu multimedije i videoigara

Marko Tadić, Marko Dješka & Hana Tintor, Marta Stražičić

Engaged, Imaginary, Experimental

Animated and experimental film are the media that practically obliterate the borders between imagination and experiment, and what we define as animated children film often sends subliminal (social) message.
We are talking to the authors who aim at exploring potentials of animation as art but also as a socially engaged form.

21st March/ 12 PM

Angažirano, imaginarno, eksperimentalno

Vanja Andrijević, Draško Ivezić, Igor Grubić

Stylistic Lines in Contemporary Croatian Production of Animation

We will talk to the representatives of the major production houses for animation in Croatia about the many creative centers that determine contemporary style and steer Croatian animation in the national and international context.

Bonobostudio, Adriatic Animation, Kreativni sindikat

18th April/ 12 PM


Professors & students

Profession – Animator!

How does one become an animator? How does one stay in touch with the latest technical and stylistic influences in animation within (and outside) the educational system?

We talk with professors, (former) students, and their guests about their experiences in the creation of the Department for Animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

9th May 2020 / 12 PM


Lucija Mrzljak, Chintis Lundgren
Thomas & Ivana Volda

A View from the Outside – International Experiences

What opportunities new forms of creative cooperation with animators and producers from other world cities present, and how a mutual film is created with the cultural differences (or similarities) between various countries will be revealed by the artistic teams of animators with years-long international work experience.

23rd May 2020 / 12 PM

Pogled izvana – međunarodna iskustva (Mačka, Marija Ujević Galetović)

Davorka Begović

Original Music in Animation

Animation is a media that involves not only cooperation with fine artists but also with composers and authors whose works represent an integral part of the final product.

We will be led through a research of the recent music written particularly for this media by the musicologist Davorka Begović.

6th June 2020 / 12 PM

Autorska glazba u animaciji

MSU Zagreb / 30th January - 14th June 2020

Od imaginacije do animacije: šest desetljeća Zagreb filma

From Imagination to Animation – 60 Years of Zagreb School of Animated Films

The Museum of Contemporary Art is presenting a great multimedia exhibition From Imagination to Animation: Six Decades of Zagreb Film.

The exhibition is dedicated to famous works of art created within this institution founded in 1953, which has produced more than two thousand animated, documentary, educational and feature films, as well as commercials in the six decades of its existence.

More about the exhibition

Organization and partners

The program of Animation Today - Brunch with authors is co-organized by the AM Center for Audiovisual Culture and Multimedia in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

The implementation of the Program is financially supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC).