All Those Sensations in My Belly


Hana, Marko i Matia

As its starting point, the exhibition relies on animated film 'All those sensations in my belly', which is co-authored by illustrator Hana Tintor, screenwriter and film director Marko Dješka and film protagonist Matia Anna Pleše.


Based on the real life of transgender girl Matia, the animated documentary presents and recounts her experience of transition to another gender and the complexity of finding true love with a heterosexual man.

From multiple perspectives, the program explains the theme of the film, as well as the process of appearances - the process of personal discovery, self-identification, the intimate experience of growing up and going out in public of a transgender person, in a society with traditional views on gender identity or any kind of diversity.

Through its stratified form, the program simultaneously portrays the poetic world of illustrator Hana Tintor, and introspection of the intimate process of a real transgender girl. It reveals a creative approach and the process of creating a specific form of documentary animation.

Curators: Marta Kiš, Iva Gašparović and Tanja Masnec Šoškić

Jun / July 2020

Gallery on the Floor, KIC Zagreb

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The project is created in collaboration of the AM Center and the Gallery on the Floor, with the partner support of the production company Adriatic Animation.

Galerija na katu KIC Zagreb Adriatic Animation

Marko Dješka

scriptwriter and film director

As animation director, scriptwriter and comic artist, Marko Dješka has achieved notable status in the culture of animation and has won a number of awards and recognitions at Croatian and international festivals, including the 'Octavian' award.

Hana Tintor

Illustrator and film animator

Hana Tintor's sketches, drawings and design are characterized by a recognizable stylization of forms, poetic atmosphere and a high level of skill in constructing dreamy and surreal scenes that skillfully portray emotions, incomplete memories and interpersonal relationships, being at the same time linear expressive visualizations of disturbed and absurd situations.

Matia Anna Pleše


The exhibition will feature a video performance 'In My Belly' by protagonist Matia. As part of the accompanying exhibition program, Matia will talk about the experience of her work on film, but also about her life experience as a transgender girl and gender identity in generally.