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All Those Sensations in My Belly

Exhibition, projection and talks with authors and protagonist
Paradigme animacije, Galženica

Oct 1st  - Oct 18th , 2020 /KIC Gallery, Zagreb

As its starting point, the exhibition relies on animated film 'All those sensations in my belly', which is co-authored by illustrator Hana Tintor, screenwriter and film director Marko Dješka and film protagonist Anna.

The Exhibition opening is on October 1st  2020 at 1:00 pm

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Hana Tintor's Exhibition

The exhibition of works by author Hana Tintor evolved through the experience of collaborating with screenwriter and director Marko Dješka on the animated documentary All Those Sensations in my Belly which was part of this year’s selection of Animafest.

The documentary’s point of departure – Anna’s transition from male to female sex/gender – has interwoven, in its intimacy, sensitivity and complexity, the creative work put into this film through intense relations, long conversations and contemplations. By way of Hana’s drawings, the exhibited works present only a small part of this lengthy process. Hana Tintor arranges, via her illustrations, the stories about concrete adolescent experiences and developing one’s own acceptance, the acceptance of others, quests and disappointments, into a holistic and novel artistic story.

Divided into three categories, the works also expose the complex process of the creation of a short-animated film: from the development of certain scenes or characters, through works that ended up in the films to the ones that were ultimately not included. However, direct connections to the film set aside, part of the large-scale works were made as a distinct body inspired by the conversations the author conducted with the film’s protagonist. It is precisely in these, without being restrained by the formal limitations imposed by the film medium, that the full richness of Hana Tintor’s distinct authorial handwriting emerges.

Using simple line drawing, she reacts to the story she was told, capturing its realistic attributes, as well as visceral emotions. She leaves her mark in an intense, but at the same time subtle manner, providing additional vitality to the complex structures of the experience. They reflect an intimate understanding of Anna’s emotional states during the process of spiritual, as well as physical self-identification, and quest for society’s acceptance and love’s requital. Without shying away from dark situations and stressful emotions, which she articulates through expressive splashes of color, and even stains, basking in the sheer opulence of tonal dynamics, the artist truly captures the depth of the experienced conditions.

This kind of inspirational intensity and richness of interpretational capacity find a suggestive place within the medium of animated film, where in spite of an intimate approach to the development of motives, they step out of the state of introspection and develop into an animated image, which precisely underlines the meaning of the documented story. Through the interrelation between the statement, image and movement a space is created, which by way of narrative method, script elements and expressiveness, penetrates (outside of the medium) into the sphere of societal and cultural contextualization of gender and sexual identity, which is an issue that the film’s protagonist Anna will also address as part of the accompanying program.

Author: Hana Tintor

Curators: Iva Gašparović, Marta Kiš (AM Center)

Contributors: Marko Dješka, Anna, Tanja Masnec Šoškić

Hana Tintor 'Oluja osjećaja'
Hana Tintor 'A storm of emotions'

Event Schedule

Film premiere at Art Park

Sep 19th , 2020 / 8:00 pm

Ribnjak ul. 26, ZagrebNavigation

Exhibition opening

Oct 1st 2020 / 1:00 pm
KIC Gallery, Zagreb

Preradovićeva 5, ZagrebNavigation

Film screening at Animafest

Oct 3rd 2020 / 1:30 pm / Kino SC

Savska cesta 25, ZagrebNavigation

Lecture and discussion

Oct 17th 2020 / 11:00 am
KIC Auditorium, Zagreb

Lecture and discussion on the topic of transgenderism
Guests: the protagonist of the film Anna and Iris, member of the association Trans Aid Croatia.

Preradovićeva 5, ZagrebNavigation
The project is created in collaboration of the AM Center and the KIC Gallery Zagreb, with the partner support of the production company Adriatic Animation.
Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu

Hana Tintor

Illustrator and film animator

Hana Tintor was born in Zagreb in 1992. After finishing art school and working for many years in puppetry at the Zagreb Youth Theater, she enrolled into Design Studies at the Faculty of Architecture. On her third year of studies she discovered a new function of visual arts and applied illustration in most of her projects. She learned about the integration of illustration into design as a trainee at Studio Cuculić.

She graduated in the field of visual communications in 2016. Wanting to further perfect her work, in 2017 she enrolled, and in the following year finished, her MA in Illustration and Book arts at the Cambridge School of Art in Cambridge, UK. While there, she discovered her interest and passion for animation and made a series of visual exercises that resulted in the project in the making, called Sea of Thoughts. In 2019 she received the support of the Croatian Audio-visual Center for the said project. In 2020 she also received the support of the Croatian Audio-visual Center for development of the TV-series BETTI&LOLA.

She currently lives and works in Zagreb as a freelance illustrator, art director and animator collaborating with the Adriatic Animation studio.

More about Hana and her work

Marko Dješka

scriptwriter and film director

As animation director, scriptwriter and comic artist, Marko Dješka has achieved notable status in the culture of animation and has won a number of awards and recognitions at Croatian and international festivals, including the 'Octavian' award.

More about Marko and his work


The Film Protagonist

The exhibition will feature a lecture by the film protagonist Anna. As part of the accompanying exhibition program, Anna will talk about the experience of her work on film, but also about her life experience as a transgender girl and gender identity in generally.

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